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3 separate Buffalo Bills games selling squares for a $20 donation a square (one square for one game). 


  • October 19th vs Chiefs, All Sold, numbers drawn: click here
  • November 15th vs Cardinals, All sold, numbers drawn: click here
  • December 28th vs Patriots (MNF), All Sold, numbers drawn: click here

Visit square board link to see what squares are available, and check back closer to game for the game score numbers. 

Link to Square Boards: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OUHE9V8BA8XfSyTibypFMuXpzHugGo99LMNuDp3G52I/edit?usp=sharing

  • 1st Quarter: $100
  •  Halftime: $300
  • 3rd Quarter: $100
  • Final: $500
Please email Matt Murray at    how many squares you want, what games, and any specific square number. Look at google sheet link to see what squares are available. 
Payment: Venmo (@matt_murray44) or Paypal (  ) are preferred. Cash can be arranged. Check make payable WNY Physically Challenged Youth Sports. Square will be confirmed when payment is received. 

How it works:

Square number corresponds to numbered square on board. Row 1 is squares 1-10, Row 2 is squares 11-20, etc. 

Take the last number of each teams score and where those two numbers meet on board is winning square. Example Patriots 13 Falcons 10, take 3 for Patriots and 0 for Falcons, which is square 78 on example board below.