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Sled Hockey movie Tough Sledding virtual casting
by posted 06/01/2020


Forwarding an email received about Tough Sledding virtual casting call. See information below

"Dear Folks, 

We are pleased to provide you with the latest update on Tough Sledding – The Movie. As you know, this film is fittingly about Grit, Perseverance and Fulfillment.  In order to persevere in these challenging times we have launched an industry-first online virtual casting call to create a level playing field for all disabled actors to submit auditions. In addition to keeping our film production on schedule, this will help the film industry prioritize efforts to be inclusive and respectful with the growing community of disabled actors.

We hope you are staying healthy and maintaining safe distancing.  We look forward to sitting next to all of you very soon.


We recently launched a new website: https://www.toughsleddingthemovie.com and today announced a virtual casting call for the film. The press release is enclosed below and the link is here: https://www.toughsleddingthemovie.com/news/open-casting-call-press-release.


Here is the open casting call link: https://www.toughsleddingthemovie.com/open-casting-call.  Please share it with your networks and friends.


You may also want to publicize that we are looking for a social media manager! Here is the link: https://www.toughsleddingthemovie.com/jobs


First Open-to-the-Public Virtual Casting Call Launched for “Tough Sledding” The Movie


APRIL 16, 2020. Los Angeles, California. Nifty 16 Productions LLC and Kaplan Bonner, Inc. jointly announce the first virtual open casting call to place not disabled and disabled actors in the upcoming silver screen production of “Tough Sledding.” Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the co-producers are the first to launch a virtual casting call in lieu of in-person auditions for the film. The movie production is slated to begin in August 2020.

“Tough Sledding” the Movie is based on the gold medal performance of the 2002 Paralympic Sled Hockey team. The casting call intends to engage acting hopefuls and current sled hockey players predominantly from the disability community to fill most of the on-screen roles.  

“The film industry is ready to embrace inclusion and respectability towards disabled actors,” commented Yaron Kaplan, Co-producer from Kaplan Bonner, Inc.  “By hosting an open, virtual casting call to highlight the wealth of talent eagerly wanting their break into movies, we hope to establish a new standard for auditions going forward.” 

The production team behind Tough Sledding the Movie requests support from special interest groups to endorse or share the first audition casting call. Please go to: https://www.toughsleddingthemovie.com/open-casting-call.


We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share the links above with your friends and networks.  

Nifty 16 Productions LLC and Kaplan Bonner, Inc


info@nifty16.net "

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Endeavor Games are Virtual June 4-7th
by posted 06/01/2020

The Endeavor Games are going virtual. June 4-7th. The Endeavor Games exists to create competitive, fun, safe and high quality sport competitions for athletes with physical disabilities throughout the United States.

Link: https://www.endeavorgames.com/

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Adaptive Virtual Exercise Classes
by posted 05/06/2020


Move United is offering free and on-demand adaptive exercise and fitness classes. Feel free to check it out. Link: https://www.moveunitedsport.org/adaptathome/

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Update on Banquet
by posted 04/30/2020


Board of Directors decided due to current situation with COVID-19 our annual end of season banquet that was scheduled for May 31st is cancelled. We will look to schedule something once we feel it is safe for our players and families. Also, the hoodie order will still be placed, and how you receive it will be determined at a later date. Stay safe and healthy. 

Matt Murray 
Buffalo Sabres Sled Hockey Team

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